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Book cover for UK edition September 2012
The UK edition of Crush is now available in paperback from our publisher in the UK,  Beaten Track Publishing! 

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PeachHam Beach Publishing is currently an independent publisher and a fledgling enterprise. 

We are not currently able to accept submissions from authors, nor do we have the resources or materials to print or assemble books.



Bright (novel)

BRIGHT is the story of the trials and tribulations of a gay couple in rural Idaho. Reardon Montgomery and Walter Yarbro have fallen in love and married and done their best to settle into domestic bliss in spite of Monty's untamed wanderlust and Walter's judgmental and intolerant stepmother, Helena. What's the next step? Babies, of course, and their best friend Natalie Mattheis is more than happy to help them, but when she miscarries twice, things begin to go terribly wrong with Walter's health, Monty's relapse into alcoholism, Natalie's confused feelings for Walter, and Helena's growing suspicions about the young threesome living with her.

May 2013: BRIGHT has recently been finished and is currently in the editing stages.

More information:  

Crush (novel)



Update: 1/27/13: Changes to eBook availability:

Hi everyone, I so deeply regret this, because I love Smashwords so much. They gave me my first opportunity and they mean a lot to me for that.


But Amazon requires eBook exclusivity to be a part of their Kindle Direct (KDP) and a lot of my fans prefer to borrow thru Kindle rather than purchase an ebook these days. So as of 1/27/2013 I had to remove the Smashwords eBook, along with the ebook. I'm sure that soon, the ebook will also be removed from Barnes & Noble and any other competitor of Amazon. This only applies to eBooks. The ebook will be avail thru Amazon and their KDP Select program but probably no where else, at least for the time bring. 


As of September 2012, the UK Edition of Crush is available as a paperback, from Beaten Track Publishing:

And also at these online retailers in the UK and USA:  Amazon UK/Kindle  Amazon USA/Kindle  Blackwell's Bookshop UK/Paperback  The Book Depository 

The U.K. edition is also available at worldwide retailers!   Adlibris Sweden/Sverige   Adlibris Norway/Norge   Adlibris Finland/Suomi  Adlibiris Danmark/Denmark  Amazon Japan Amazon Germany/Deutschland  Amazon Spain/Espana  Amazon France   Amazon Italia

The USA Crush hardcover is available from

For the very latest on what's happening with Crush, click on the "Crush" link at the top of this page.

Our House: A Short Story

A young woman tries to inform her kidnapper that if he does not let her go, he will regret it. A short, disturbing story about choice, and everlasting consequences.

Available now at

Also available at: Diesel eBooks Barnes & Noble  Sony eBooks   Kobo Books W.H. Smith (United Kingdom, powered by Kobo)

Also available at Chapters/Indigo in Canada, powered by Kobo

Burdens: A Short Story

"Burdens" is a short story set on Easter Sunday in the small towns of Uriah and and Monroeville, Alabama. Anyone who has already read "Crush"  will remember the mention of a friend of Jamie's in high school named Sylvie. This is the story of how she meets Alice, the love of her life. Only 99 cents at Smashwords!

Burdens is also available at Barnes & Noble, Sony eBooks, Diesel, Apple iTunes, Kobo, W.H. Smith,and Indigo/Chapters:

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